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Want to dress up your wardrobe quick, fast and in a hurry? Put on a hat of course.

Hat's come in a myriad of styles and can quickly change the look of any outfit. If you want to add a little pizzazz or style, wearing a hat is a great choice.

Selecting a hat that will fit your face is very important, you don't want a hat style that will look awkward or one that won't fit you properly. Here are some good tips on selecting a hat style.

Choose a Hat to Fit Your Face
When selecting a hat that will fit your face, use these simple guidelines.

Round Shaped Face: Opt for a hat with a high crown. It should also have a wide brim.

Oval Shaped Face: You are lucky - any hat will suit your face shape!

Long Shaped Face: A hat with a wide brim will balance out the length of your face and give it extra width. Avoid one with a high crown.

Heart Shape Face: Hats with a medium crown and medium-sized brim will work best. Avoid anything which has a high crown.

More Hat Tips for looking great
Look for a hat that will fit you proportionally. If you are a tall person, then you can wear a larger hat if you desire. If you are short than you want a smaller hat, a large hat may look disproportionate on you. The brim of a hat should never be wider than the shoulders of the person wearing it.
The cowboy hat is a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat best known as the defining piece of attire for the North American cowboy. Cowboy hats are now worn by many people simply as a fashion statement. Cowboy Hats are particularly popular with country music singers, ranch hands and rodeo workers. Also made famous by the Marlboro Man.

Did you know that cowboy hats usually come in felt or straw?

American Hat Brand Company
These cowboy hats have been hand crafted in America since 1915. They offer a wide selection of quality genuine cowboy hats. American Hat Company • P.O. Box 1288 • Bowie, TX 76230
Slogan: "The Professional Cowboy's Choice"

Atwood palm leaf cowboy hats and shantung cowboy hats are rugged, handsome and affordable. Whether you're an honest to goodness cowboy, or a modern day wild west hero, Atwood has the perfect cowboy hat for you!

Jackson Hole Hat Company
The Jackson Hole Hat Company, a high quality, custom cowboy hatter know for exceptional handmade quality and personalized service, using the finest materials and craftspeople available. Their website has some really nice looking cowboy hats, some nice colors of cowboy hats and some nice ladies cowboy hats. USA Made Hats.

Serratelli Cowboy Hats
Serratelli Hat Company has been in business for over 100 years and is committed to producing a line of the finest beaver fur felt that provides customers with the highest quality and best value in a cowboy hat

Stetson Hat Brand
Stetson has outfitted cowboys with the right hats since 1865. Every straw hat is still hand-woven, blocked, varnished and trimmed to meet the expectations of our most discerning customers. Stetson has to be one of the best known cowboy hat brands there is. Stetson brand hands are sold in retail stores throughout the United States and the World. They are stylish and well-made cowboy hats.
Slogan: Made Of America

Wrangler Brand
Courage measured in seconds. Many dream about it. For the lucky souls who live it, there's Wrangler® Western Wear. Alive with freedom from convention, the Wrangler® brand rebels against artificial constraints within the fashion world. And with over 100 years of know-how under our belts, we’ve got the authority to do so. The link is to a site that sells a wide variety of nice Wrangler Cowboy Hats. The hats are priced between $50 and $172. Wrangler is an iconic brand of Western Wear, widely known for jeans but also manufacture nice Cowboy Hats.
Fedora Hats
Fedora hats were made famous by Hollywood celebrities and singers, like Frank Sinatra and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones). A Fedora Hat will certainly add style to your wardrobe. Fedora Hats usually are available in Straw, Wool Felt, Fur Felt and other fabric materials.

What are the most popular Fedora Hat Brands?

Billabong Brand
In 1973 Gordon and Rena Merchant began producing handmade boardshorts under their flat overlooking his beloved Burleigh. They were tough as teak, able to withstand not only the elements, but also able to absorb the sort of punishment that local juniors Guy Omerod and Rabbit Bartholomew would put those first issued trunks through.

From those humble beginnings, Billabong was born. Billabong is another one of those classic surfer brands, they are also popular with skiers.They make some popular hats that include some nice fedora hats.

Borsalino Hat Brand
Borsalino is a fine maker of felt and straw fedora hats. Established in 1857, this hat brand is located in Alessandria, Italy. Borsalino hats are often worn by celebrities such as Bill Murray, Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt. Borsalino hats are very stylish and run around $175 each.

Dobbs Hat Brand
Dobbs started making hats on Fifth Avenue in New York City in the 1930's. Dobbs is best known for their Fedora hats, expect sophisticated designs and styling from Dobbs. With unique color schemes, their Pork Pie hats are particularly nice. A Dobbs hat will run you around $75-$125.

Goorin Hat Brand
Goorin Brothers started in 1895 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, they are now located in San Francisco yet continue a tradition of fine hat making. They are best known for their Fedora Hats which are extremely high quality. Goorin Brothers have Hat Shops located in Canada, California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington.

Kangol Brand
Kangol is a hot brand of Fedora Hats. Kangol is popular with celebrities and musicians world-wide. They have an iconic logo of a little kangaroo on their products. Founded in 1938 to make military berets in England. The Kangol brand is owned by sporting goods retailer Sports Direct International (SDI). The company announced plans to extend the brand to apparel in 2009.

Old School rappers like LL Cool J helped make Kangol hats an iconic brand. Nowadays, actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washington have been spotted rocking Kangol hats.

Hard Hat Brands
If you work construction or on a job site, you are going to need a hard hat. Hard hats are essential to safety in dangerous work areas. Hard hats also allow for additional accessories that normal hats do not. You can outfit your hard hats with liners, face shields, ear muffs, hard hat suspensions and even a light. Trust these hard hat brands to find the best protection, best fit and even a bit of style.

Pyramex Hard Hat Brand

Bullard Hard Hat Brand
Since Bullard engineers invented the hard hat in 1919, the Company has been committed to manufacturing the best head protection equipment on the market. All Bullard hard hats and helmets have been carefully engineered to deliver superior performance, quality and durability.

Jackson Hard Hats

JSP Hard Hats

North Safety Hard Hat Brand
Sports Hats
Sports hats are one of the most popular type of hats worn today. These hats come in a wealth of styles, colors and shapes. They all have one thing in common, they feature a logo or design that represents a sports team, player or the sport itself.

The largest number of sports hats are associated with Baseball, Football, Hockey, Golf, Soccer (Football U.K.). Of course they can represent other sports teams or sports, but the popular sports sell the best. During the recent Summer Olympics, we saw many sports hats that featured the sports team and Country logo incorporated on the hats.

Cap brands are very popular with sports fans, they have a cap bill which can hide you from the sun. The caps have a large front on them which can easily display a logo or team design. Many sports fans rock there favorite team logo on their caps.

Throwback or vintage sports hats seem to be highly prized by collectors at this time. If you have an old original sports hat, especially if it was game worn by a player, you could have something with some real value. Of course people just like the new ones, that are made to look vintage as well. - - -