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Cap Brands - Flat Bill Hats
Caps are type of hats first made popular by Baseball players. Caps are now worn by virtually everyone. They are especially popular with teens and other young people. Caps feature a bill that used to be worn curved but today it is seen as more stylish to wear the bill of the caps flat.

Caps usually come with logos and are incredibly popular with sports fans. Many rock there favorite team logo on their caps. What are the best brands of caps and flat bill hats?

Air Jordan Brand
Jordan brand makes some really sweet looking caps, most feature the famous flying Michael Jordan logo. They offer a long line of caps and flat bill hats which feature lots of exciting colors and varied looking logos. A hot brand for anyone who is a basketballer or NBA fan. A link to a website which offers a nice selection of Jordan caps.

American Needle Cap Brand
American Needle has been in business since 1918, in 1946 they struck a deal with the Chicago Cubs to sell fans baseball caps like the players wore. Today American Needle makes vintage baseball caps that are soft, plush and stylish. They also make hats with NHL and NFL team's logos on them. Sold at finer stores like Nordstrom's this is one hot baseball cap brand. Look for their "Timekeeper" line for the vintage stuff.

Ignite Hat Brand
Ignite is a popular brand of Flat Bill hat that is very popular in the UK, they feature a rocket ship as their logo. Ignite has been selling hats here in the United States and they are flying off the shelves. A hot stylish brand, that is popular with the young crowd and surf community. Ignite caps feature hot patterns and colors in their designs. They also make some nice knit ski hats.

New Era
New Era caps are extremely popular and well made caps, they are also officially licensed by Major League Baseball. New Era Cap Company Inc.™, the largest and fastest growing headwear manufacturer in the United States, has an 88-year-old tradition of creating quality products that transcend time, culture, sport and fashion. These caps are very popular with young people, especially those involved in hip-hop. They are also quite popular with sports fans. New Era 59Fifty line is a hot cap brand.
Fly Your Own Flag, New Era Fits

Oakley Hat Brand

Oakley is that classic California brand. It was originally popular with surfers and has grown in popularity since. This is another brand that's geared toward youth and especially young men. Oakley is headquartered in Orange County, California. They offer some nice looking plaid hats, their most popular hats feature a logo that says " Oakley" or just a large stylized "O".