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Church Hats
Church Hats are elegantly styled hats that are worn by distinguished men and women. These hats are usually worn for dress type occasions such as weddings or for going to church services. For the classy ladies it is almost a must to wear an elegant dress hat when going to a church. These type of hats are also popular at horse race events like the Kentucky Derby and at Royal Ascot.

There are a large variety of church hat designers, some of the best include

Adrian Dana -
Adrian Dana Hats designs and supervises the production of each hat. His unique styles and attention to detail ensure you get a beautifully hand crafted one-of-a-kind product. These are some really dazzling looking hat creations. Sparkly and simply breathtaking hat designs.


BWB Millinery -
Brenda Waites Bolling Millinery Boutique is a high end hat shop located in New York City's prestigious Plaza Hotel. We make custom, made to order couture hats.

Jack McConnell Boutique

Jeanne Marie

Kathy Jeann
Kathy Jeann hats company is a family based hat company located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Today Kathy Jeann manufacturers hats for Kath Jeanne, Jeanne Marie and Jack McConell hats.

Maggi Mae Designs -
The Church Hat Collection from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® features lovely hat designs suitable for religious ceremony as well as wedding, garden party, and so many other special occasions.

Mr. D

Tim Crawford

Mr. Song Hats
Mr. Song Millinery is an exclusive ladies custom hat designer and manufacturer. They have been making beautiful Church Hats in Detroit, Michigan for over 25 years. Mr. Song makes hats that will get you noticed, their hats have even been worn by the legendary Detroit singer Aretha Franklin.

Mr. John Classic

Shellie McDowell
Shellie McDowell is a hat designer based in New York. She is known for making high quality designer hats, for church and special occasions. Her hats run in the range of $400-$600 each.